Dr. Malombe Stands Better Chance To Develop County – Yoana Kimwele


Kitui’s Distinguished Top blogger Yoana Kimwele Endorses former Governor Dr Julius Makau Malombe in August polls, Says he is the right person for the job.

Dr. Malombe Stands Better Chance To Develop County

My take

After months of reflection and prayer, I have finally decided to follow the voice of reason. Yes, in this election, I have decided to support the candidature of Dr. Julius Makau Malombe.

There is no denying the fact that Dr. Malombe is more popular than any other candidate in the race. But Dr Malombe is not just popular, he is being loved by the people of Kitui County because of the development track record he left behind.

In my estimation, the people of the county do not want new promises. They don’t want to take chances. They want a leader who is tried, tested and one who succeeded. Ladies and gentlemen, in my estimation, this is no other person than Dr. Malombe.

I’m also supporting Malombe because he is man with a big heart. He accommodates all. He does not discriminate. He knows what the county wants. That’s why the people are firmly behind him.

For these reasons, and many others on my table, I, the lead blogger, endorse the candidature of Dr. Malombe.

I appeal to all the people of our beloved county to support him. Kyuma means well for this county. That is not in doubt.

Yes, I endorse him.