Members of the fourth estate, fellow Kenyans;
On the 16th of May, I made a public pronouncement that I will be taking a break from political activities of the time to reflect and consult widely on my next cause of action given the changing dynamics of politics then. I have since concluded that task and came to the realization that the future and well-being of our nation is squarely on our hands.

Therefore, in less than 70 days, Kenyans will be exercising their democratic right at the ballot. It is an election in which we were clear that we would seek the mandate of the
people to manage the affairs of this nation through theOne Kenya Alliance.

As a coalition, we had begun reaching out to Kenyans to demonstrate to them how we would have transformed their lives. Today, I stand here a proud Kenyan.

Proud because we began that journey with a solid vision and plan. It is in this regard that I acknowledge the goodwill that I have received from the 66,000-plus Kenyans from the 33 counties who appended their signatures in support of my candidature.

I will forever remain grateful to you. I would also not be here without the support of the clergy, Wiper Democratic Movement Party members and elected
leaders, as well as Kenyans at large. You occupy a very big place in my heart.

To my brother Hon. Gideon Moi, you have redefined the meaning and essence of brotherhood. You have been with me in the best of moments and the darkest of hours. You are a gentleman. Receive my heartfelt gratitude.

As a people, our true measure lies in our ability to discern when the nation is bigger than an individual. Therefore, after deep introspection, I have today deferred my dreams to run for the president of the Republic of Kenya in the
forthcoming general elections.

As Abraham Lincoln once told a nation, ‘We are friends, not enemies; the passion may have strained but it must never break our bonds of affection.”

Therefore, after wide consultation with the Party Leadership, the clergy, the professionals, I have decided to accept with humility and appreciation my nomination as the Chief Minister in the Azimio One Kenya when, and not if, we form government.

I would also wish to congratulate the Hon. Martha Wangari Karua on her nomination as the deputy president nominee of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party and I assure her of my unequivocal support.

Beginning today, I commit myself to the Azimio-OKA campaign activities because we are in this race to win.

Deeply, we understand that Kenyan households are reeling under the burden of high cost of living. Hence, in our manifesto, we were very intentional about accelerating economic growth under the 24-hour economic plan and rolling out free secondary education. These dreams and aspirations will not die here.

As we head into the election, we have a clear choice as a country. We have an opportunity to choose a united and prosperous Kenya.

As we move forward, we must build a cohesive and thriving nation where everyone has an equal shot at leadership regardless of their background, size of their tribe, and pedigree.

Thank you and God bless Kenya.

Thursday, June 2, 2022