Ignore the Sponsored SMEAR Campaigns against Me, I’m Fully in Wiper DAVID MUSILA Speaks



Former Wiper National Chairman Hon David Musila has noted with concern that his competitors have run out of ideas and have now resorted to sponsoring smear campaigns meant to tarnish his good working friendship with his Party leader HE Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking to the Press on Wednesday evening, Hon David Musila reiterated his unwavering support for the Wiper party leader and cleared the the air that he is fully in the Wiper party.The former Kitui senator Hon David Musila called on his opponents to brace themselves for a bruising battle at the ballot.

“Tell those running against me to pepare and face a crushing defeat at the Wiper preliminaries instead of mudslinging me or running a smear campaign against my gubernatorial quest” he said.”I’m full in Wiper Democratic Party, no amount of propaganda, innuendos or fake news will take away that fact” David Musila.

He further told his supporters to ignore the negative energy from his competitors.The campaign is maliciously crafted by his competitors to soil his friendship and connection with Wiper top brass and particularly the wiper party leader.”My campaign engine is on full steam and firing from all cylinders” he Musila added.

Last week, a gutter press release ran malicious articles saying he has decamped from the Wiper party; several sponsored blogs have been running malicious articles meant to tarnish his working rapport with Dr Kalonzo Musyoka as a clear indication that they have run out of ideas.