Kitute Calls for Escalated Voter Registrations ahead of the Polls, asks People to reject…..


Kitute Foundation Executive director Mr Millitonic Mwendwa Kitute has called for the escalated IEBC voter registration ahead of the August polls.

Speaking to the TCD news Correspondents, Kitui East Mp aspirant hon Kitute said, “to our esteemed ladies and gentlemen,
First of all, I wish to urge residents of Kitui East Constituency to turn out in large numbers and register as voters”

As we approach general elections, I beseech our people to refuse being misused by rogue politicians who lack solid agenda.

“I have always had Kitui East Constituency agenda at heart throughout my political journey. Despite KEC being marginalized, our people deserve to get value for their taxes through proper utilization of the NG CDF kitty.

With your support, I will work with each KEC resident regardless of social status and geographical location.
There is no greater unifying factor for our constituency than equitable development which is my priority.

I welcome supporters from all corners of KEC to support my bid so that we can rescue our constituency from shackles of poor leadership and systemic poverty managed by rogue political leaders.

Let our people gauge candidates based on development track record and political goodwill, he said.

Kite had no kind words for political projects in Kitui East.

He wrote.

“Some of the wannabe candidates have served in electoral positions or even public offices before, and having overwhelming resources at their disposal What impact or transformation did they bring to our people before they come up with new lies”?

Our people should not be duped by selfish and egocentric candidates who are considering Kitui East parliamentary seat as a retirement plan.

Those who must use violence and shady schemes during voting exercises must brace themselves this time around. I assure you that the will of Kitui East residents will prevail absolutely.

I am equal to the task and with your unwavering support, we are going to make history in Kitui East.
God Above All
God bless Kitui East
M.m Kitute ( executive director Kitute Foundation).