Milestone for Kitui Farmers as Ngilu launches fleet of livestock carriers

By Governor’s Press Service, September 21,2021.KITUI

Governor Charity Ngilu today writes a new chapter of wealth Creation for her county with the launch of livestock carriers.

It will be a game changer in livestock trade as farmers and traders will be spared the loss of approximately Sh.3.1 b.annually.
The launch will be preceded by a convoy of the trucks that begins at Isuzu East Africa plant on Mombasa Road.
The convoy will snake through Mlolongo, Kyumbi Junction, Machakos Town, Masii, Katangi and enter Kitui at Kwa Vonza. It will move to Syongila,Kabati and station at Kalundu for official launch by Governor Ngilu.
Kitui loses Kes 3.1 billion annually as a result of livestock trekking daily from markets in search better prices.

Over 1,000 cows,goats and sheep trek daily across the County resulting into loss of weight, reduced value and poor quality meat.

A trekking cow loses approximately 20kgs as it produces high adrenaline, making the beef acidic, tough and losing flavor.

Each of the 1000 cows trekking daily loses approximately 20 kilograms, which translates to 20,000 kilograms of beef lost daily.

Considering that each kilogram has a market value of Kes 500,it means Kitui loses Kes 10 million daily as a result of many years’ of unattended problem that Governor Ngilu pledged to fix.

Every week therefore, Kitui loses Kes. 60,000,000 which amounts to an annual loss of Kes. 3.1 billion.

Governor Ngilu in yet another transformative action is launching Livestock transportation trucks that are modified to help Kitui livestock farmers and traders to safely and quickly transport their animals to various markets.

It will be the fulfillment of an election pledge which is part of her five pillar manifesto of Food and Water, Healthcare, Education and Youth Development, Women Empowerment and Wealth Creation.