There is Oxygen In Every Maternity Facility I have Visited – Says Kuvasila



Photo by TCD, Kitui Minister for Environment and natural resources hon Patrick koki Musau.

On June 16, 2021 – I visited several Health and I can say that there is Oxygen in every Maternity Facility I have Visited – Says Kuvasila

Minister Patrick Koki Musau in charge of the ministry of Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources is in Mwingi West Sub-County on a mission to find facts on health facilities, on matters service delivery and ongoing programs and projects.

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Addressing Mumbuni dispensary committee Mr. Koki explained that Governor Ngilu had tasked Ministers in their respective Sub-Counties for the above purpose, and that he will in Mwingi West for a period three days.

Koki later visited Nzeluni Health Centre and Kyethani Health Centre and expressed his satisfaction with maternity departments in every facility to Judith Karagania, a nurse in Kyethani health centre.

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“There is oxygen in every facility I have visited I’m glad” said Mr. Koki yesterday.

Maternity drugs are available, and also Governor Ngilu’s mother gift hamper.

Mr. Koki also known as Kuvasila by many will visit Migwani Level Hospital among other facilities in the Sub-County.