Ngilu calls for Truce for the sake of the people of Kitui


Kitui Governor Charity kaluki Ngilu has called for the truce between the two arms of the Kitui County government, the COUNTY DIARY can now report.

Speaking during the radio Maisha Morning Show, Ngilu Said;

“The County Assembly leadership (majority), and us (Executive) should sit and solve all differences for the sake our people”.

“I am not ready to begin politicking, I’m focused on delivering to my election pledges, It is time to serve Kitui people and continue the escla of my 5 pillars” said the Governor.

The Kamba community must/should be in the next government. We must check our numbers and strategize well. We’re not going to endorse personal interests and lose our share at the national table”.

“I am supporting Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) fully. Every community and people should be represented. The BBI should serve the interests of all”.

We must come together as a people. Every Kenyan must feel they own the government” Kambas will not vote a Presidential candidate in the name of a “community”
We must not be visitors in the system.

She further said, her Government is focussing on manufacturing and innovation as key pillars in improving the peoples’ livelihoods in kitui county.

On covid19: she said “We expect the President kenyatta to open up the country in phases. Covid 19 is a threat and we must remain vigilant” was her parting shot.