Reprieve For 200 vulnerables as Gladys Kivoto, Bobby Foundation Dole Foodstuffs In Kitui



Gladys Kivoto and Bobby Diaspora Foundation on Saturday donated food stuffs to over 200 needy and vulnerable people in Kisuna village in Kanziku ward, in Kitui south.

The benevolent gladys Kivoto has been feeding old and senior people since 2015, clocking over 800 this week.

Gladys Kivoto donates foods stuffs in kisuna, Kanziku, Kitui south.

On Saturday, the Bobby Diaspora Foundation, a local charity owned by Kenyans from The Diaspora led by vivian Chemtai joined her in distributing food stuffs to the vulnerable in the society.

Bobby Diaspora Foundation has been in operation for the last 12 years. It’s owned by a Kenyan called Joseph Bobby Ouma Oyamo who lives in Norway, the charity began frantic efforts to feed n clothe needy people In Kenya after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country.

“We are focused on mitigating suffering not only during this Covid-19 pandemic, but during all kinds of natural disasters. Our vision is to give reprieve to the voiceless in the suffering masses” said a source from the Foundation.

The future of foundation objectives is “To focus in establishment of rehabilitation centres and more feeding programs to the vulnerable, and helpless in the society”. Group representative Vivian Chemtai told The County Diary.

The group will be partnering with gladys kivoto to escalate feeding programs to the old and repudiated vulnerable populations in Kitui South.

They have made forays into several counties including Muranga, Mombasa and they are heading to Western Counties to distribute food for those who have been affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Over two hundred people received foods stuff, ie, rice, sugar, bread, all kitchen stuffs.

The event was attended by area chief Mr Sua and his administration to enforce social distance rules and Government directives as Gladys Kivoto distributed food to the needy families.

Bobby diaspora foundation rep, vivian Chemtai and Kivoto dole foodstuff to the vulnerable in Kitui south.