Revealed! How Kitui has Lost Opportunity In Health Recruitment Drive


The Continued political differences between County Assembly of Kitui and the Executive arms of the local Government, including where the Governor has been held hostage by MCAs is denying the people of Kitui Employment Opportunities.

Last three month, President of Uhuru Kenyatta issued a Clarion Call urging the 47 Counties to start mass hiring up to a staggering 5000 health providers in their counties in readiness for mass outbreaks of the COVID19 pandemic.

The COUNTY Assembly of Kitui last month through their own volition rejected the CPSB nominees which were supposed to kickstart the important process of hiring workers in our county.

The National Employment Commission went ahead to employ the Health Services providers for Kitui.

Now here is the caveat, according to the list in our possession, it is crystal clear, evident and crystal clear that over 70 per cent were not locals.

Everyone can see clearly that the people are under calculated sabotage.

It is not what we voted for.
Calculated Betrayal By MCAs Is NOT What we voted for, and more.