Kitui Politician found feasting on Someone’s Wife, forced to hand Over Logbook


A randy philandering Kitui politician is nursing serious injuries after he was caught in the act – feasting on stolen fruits aka fundamentals.

The suave politician who is said to posses deep pockets is known all over Kitui for throwing expensive bashes where slay queens hover around him as he throws rounds of expensive drinks, with exotic shisha flavours hanging permanently in the dim lit upmarket clubs.

On Friday, our so called hero did not believe his eyes after being caught red-handed engaging in deep embrace with someone’s else girlfriend in a popular tavern.

The man was forced to part with good money, hand over his Germany Machine log book to avoid more embarrassment after the aggrieved party threatened to shout for his lunching.

With the strident shouts chanting mantras and baying for his lusty blood, the man was frozen in fear as the crescendo of voices from the crowd threatened to get out of control shouting “Bibi ya wenyewe ni kifo”

The husband is suspected to have been caught up with cessation rules, where he is said to have spent several days outside his matrimonial home.

It was not immediately clear how he had managed to sneak back only to find his wife having eloped with randy politician.

Siku za Mwizi ni harobaini, goes a popular Swahili adage.

The politician was forced to hand over the logbook of his prized Germany machine or kiss the earth a good by.

It’s a risky world out there, if I were you i avoid married women.

(Yours Truly)