What is the attitude you have toward a present difficulty? This is what counts. This is where you have a choice to assume a constructive or destructive attitude, a truthful or self-deceptive attitude.

You have the power to find out what you really feel and why you feel it. You have the power to request guidance from the greatest wisdom conceivable, which is within yourself.

You have the possibility to want to be on the constructive road that leads to creating and unfolding rather than giving up, as is done so often in a difficulty.
You also have the power to let go of stubborn insistence and rigid upholding of unconscious attitudes whose nature is as yet unexplored.

You have the power to overcome the temptation to indulge in resignation and self-pity.

Therefore I say unto you: Realize that you have everything you need to assume the attitude to activate the greatest power in the universe. Each and every living instant — I do not care whether it is beautiful or ugly, easy and lighthearted or difficult and heavy — contains the potential to be in bliss, provided you penetrate the NOW to its deepest level.

Each instant contains ultimate truth, if you want only to turn in the right direction.