Kaa Ngumu City Top Lawyer Tells Dp Ruto



One of the Distinguished city lawyer Mr Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has cautioned Deputy President William Ruto that Kenyans will forget him if he resigns from Jubilee, amid the cold war with President Uhuru Kenyatta epitomized in the onslaught against his allies.

Speaking during the JKL interview , Ahmednasir instructed Deputy president Dr William Ruto to stay put in Government,

Ahmednasir advised Ruto to fight till December 2020, as he had already shown restraint in giving up in the first few months he has been under siege.

The political leaders are strategizing ahead of the full-blown 2022 politicking in the Next year. “If he walks away, he walks into oblivion.”

“If he asked for my advice, I would tell him that all he has to do is manage the crisis up to December 2020 or so”

“I think he has done well to survive in the couple of months since Coronavirus broke out (in March 2020).”

“From January next year (2021), it will be all about every man for himself,” Ahmednassir added..

However, he also asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to disclose the cause of the fallout with his deputy amid rumours of a looming impeachment against Ruto.

“I think It is high time the president tells us what is wrong with him and the DP,” Ahmednasir stated.