Kitui Assembly Resumes Unabated by Covid 19 Scare


The Assembly has resumed its sitting today taking into consideration all the COVID-19 protocols for health, the COUNTY DIARY Can now report.

The Report by the Committee on Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development on the consideration of the Mwingi Municipal Charter was laid on the table today in the morning. A notice of motion on the adoption of the report was also given. This report shall be discussed in the afternoon session.

Also, the report by the Committee on Appointments on the vetting and consideration of nominees to the Kitui County Public Service Board was laid and a notice of motion given. It shall be discussed in the afternoon.

Other notices of motion given were;
1. Approval of additional members to the County Assembly Committees on Public Investments & Accounts and Budgets & Appropriations.
2. Formation of County Assembly Special Adhoc Committee on COVID-19