By Makueni Correspondent

Blow to Government as teachers back Makueni We Want Movement’s push for Parliament to enact a COVID 19 legislation and stop Government from using schools as quarantine centres for Corona victims.

The Chairman of KUPPET Busia County termed the move as important but insensitive coz it doesn’t factor the after-effects of Corona to learners, teachers and staff in those facilities. “We risk having post corona trauma to students after we resume learning” the Chairman cautioned.

He further disclosed that such institutions also act as homes for teachers and subordinate staff who have no medical knowledge on how to handle the flu outbreak. “This facility doesn’t host students alone we also have teachers, cooks, matrons, watchmen and gardeners in the staff quarters and the don’t know how to handle corona.

The government should pitch makeshift tents in stadiums or Churches to protect learning” he added. Busia County has set aside 28 public boarding schools with over 1000pax bed capacities for the medical exercise.

Photo file, Kuppet official in a press conference

This comes barely four days after activist Musoma J.M who heads the vibrant civil society group raised a red flag. “We should rather be turning major prisons or stadiums in each of our economic blocks into quarantine centres to avoid stigmatising schools in post corona effects. Think of students refusing to go back to such places and their parents preferring transfers.

We are setting grounds for students to burn dormitories once they return to school. Am not sure if any of us would wish to use a blanket or mattress or a bed that a potential COVID 19 victim used” warned the controversial activist.

The National Government had under the Kagwe led Ministry of Health issued a directive to all Counties to set aside at least 20 public boarding schools with a bed capacity of 1000 pax in efforts to mitigate the spread of the deadly Corona Virus.

The much-celebrated CS has now warned Kenyans to prepare for the worst as treasury absorbs Sh.2 billion recovered by anti-corruption agencies into the COVID 19 Emergency Fund. MoH projected COVID 19 infections in Kenya to hit a 10 thousand mark by the end of April.