Corona Pandemic Forces Randy MCA & slay Queens to be Kicked from Hotels Over Soaring bills


The Corona pandemic has been a blessing in disguise to many politicians across the country. In a twist of fate, an MCA who left his wife has been forced to go back to her shamelessly.

The county legislator, who had adopted a luxurious lifestyle of hooking up his with his numerous side chicks in hotel rooms got a rude shock last week after his debtors caught up with him.

The proprietors and management of the hotels have been camping at the County Assembly offices trying to get the the Speaker to intervene over MCA huge bills at their premises.

The randy MCA who moves from hotel rooms to hotel rooms with tagging alon chips fungas is reportedly to have absconded Assembly duties after nights of orgies.

The MCA who in the past sat in powerful committees has since been replaced over his chagrin.

The danger of hobnobbing slay queens who posses unquenchable lust is the wee it. It usually forces someone to forget himself, his responsibilities and the Almighty God.