Residents Laud Kitui Assembly For 10M Covid – 19 Donation & Passing Sup Budget


Residents in Kitui have lauded their representatives at the County Assembly for donating up to Ksh 10 towards escalating the fight against Coronavirus in the country.

Further, residents hailed the MCAs for leading by example and converging to attend Assembly sessions despite the raging Coronavirus pandemic.

“The MCAs, despite the need to stay at home and despite the calls for self-quarantine, met, donated 10M and passed the supplementary budget,” said budget and appropriation committee chairman MCA hon Kilaa.

Pursuant to provisions of Standing Order No. 25(3), the Assembly has adjourned its sittings with effect from today, Wednesday, 25th March 2020. Members are consequently proceeding on sine die recess.

The Kitui County Supplementary Appropriations Bill, 2020 has been read a Second and Third time tonight.

The Second and Third Reading were executed by the Vice-Chairperson of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Hon. James Munuve (Kanziku Ward). This additional sitting at 6:45 pm had earlier on been resolved by the House to allow members adequate time to prosecute the Bill.

Upon assent by the Governor of Kitui County, the Act will authorize for the issuance of a sum of money out of the County Revenue Fund, its application towards the service of the year ending on 30th June 2020 and appropriate those sums for certain public services and purposes.

supplementary funds are made to provide funds for running of level 4 hospitals operations and payment of hospitals casuals who haven’t been paid since November last year.

further, provides some funds for the fight against locusts which together with covid -19 were of emergency in nature and unforeseen pandemics during budget-making last year, the assembly budget and appropriation chairman told The County Diary Editor on Thursday evening.