By Steve Mutua

There are good lies and bad lies, useful lies and harmful lies. Only the knower of truth can tell a lie, and it is always a useful lie. Everybody else is a bad liar by default.

This whole world is maya, an illusion, a mental projection, a total lie, so how can anyone not tell a lie? The whole thing is one huge lie, yours are just small pieces of lies to keep the big lie in operation!

Now, at a personal level, a bad lie is that which harms the other in the long run by not pointing them to the truth. A good lie is that which helps the other towards the truth in the long run.

A bad lie is always in the protection of the self, the ego. A good lie is always in exposure of the truth..

Good Lies

Masters always use good lies to educate and point others to the truth. A Zen master will tell a student to find out the sound of one hand clapping. This may take the student years to understand. You and I “know” it is a lie, one hand cant clap, but to a Zen master, it claps and the student must find that out!

Good or useful lies are also called “devices” by Spiritual Masters. They help the student or disciple to find the Truth, which by its nature is way beyond the mind. A good liar is always compassionate. They dont lie for personal gain or personal protection.

For instance, a Master knows death is a lie but he will comfort a grieving friend with the usual consolations like “He is in a better place now”, “Am sorry for your loss” etc, all the while being aware that it is all bulshit.

Jesus said; “I Am coming again soon”! Now that is a device, an awesome good lie. How soon is soon? He simply wanted his followers to take his message of salvation seriously and not to waste time for life is short.

Think about the boss who leaves his coat hanging on his chair to “deceive” his juniors he might be coming soon or might just be around. That way, they feel his presence and dont slack off. Thats a useful lie, a device.