The ego is sustained by “having” and an insatiable “wanting”. For anyone who is not in touch with their being, their only sense of identity comes from accumulation of things-material and mental.

This is an addictive, compulsive disorder which is incurable other than through sustained PRESENCE and freedom from the egoic mind.

For that reason, to the egoist, everything and everybody is always a means to adding to their insatiable greed since thats only how they could ensure their survival. To the egoist, anybody is a thing to be used and discarded when their value addition to the egoist is no longer there.

I came face to face with this monstrosity when a friend wanted a guarantor in a bank to take a loan to add to their things. I couldn’t help since I was listed. The person asked their sister who also couldn’t help since she was also listed due to low credit rating.

You cant imagine what this friend said about me and the sister! Very ugly and demeaning utterances.

Yet, the ego identified person has no alternative way to think or behave. To them, everybody is a means to the egoist’s ends, a thing to use and discard when its usefulness is over.

Many employers, corporates and people like my said friend are just like that.