The Suny Distinguished professor Of law Hon Makau Mutua has dismissed The calls for prayer which has been called by the President On Saturday.

Makau wrote,”PRAYERS won’t help Kenya combat the coronavirus PANDEMIC. Let’s stop this SUPERSTITION and return to SCIENCE. This PRIMORDIALISM and NAÏVETÉ could WIPE us off the face of the map”. The tweet has evoked serious criticism from leaders.

The Kenya Film classification Chief Executive Officer Dr Ezekiel Mutua fired back in equal measure, “I have seen a social media post by Prof. Makau Mutua mocking the President for calling for national prayers. Prof”,

“Mutua says we should discard prayers and apply science in fighting the COVID-19 crisis. This is a classic case of knowledge without character. There’s science and there’s God and the two are not mutually exclusive”.

You can submerge yourself in a bathtub of sanitizers and still lose this battle. If you do not support the call for prayers just shut up and practice your paganism alone.

There are many believers of diverse faiths in this country, and a call for national prayer by none other than the President should be supported by all Kenyans of goodwill, Ezekiel wrote on his official social media accounts.