Former Nguni MCA Kitema and Hon. Kiruru In A War of Words Over Somali Bandits in Ukasi



A simmering war of words between two Nguni ward leaders over Somali bandits is escalating in Mwingi Central Constituency.

Two weeks ago former Nguni Ward MCA Nelson Kitema and the incumbent Hon. Jefferson Kiruru went for each other throats – in the full glare of Chief Guest Dr. Gideon Mulyungi who was flanked by popular Kitui Senatorial candidate Allan Sila and the Nguni OCS.

Jefferson Kiruru, the hulking former schoolmaster fired the first salvo accusing Kitema of under hand deals with the Somali bandits, an accusation that Kitema says Kiruru must explain in court.

“We thank Mulyungi for the Mwanzele Police post and the Katumba cutline but someone like Jefferson Kiruru is politicking against such an important issue that touches on the security of our people” said Kitema speaking to COUNTY DIARY today afternoon in Mwingi.

The peace process, brain child of Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi has seen zero Somali killings in the recent past. The MP is Accredited for his tireless efforts to move the Police barrier to Katumba -right at the border with Tana River on the Bangale side.

Meanwhile Kitema, the the MCA (2013-2016) development records attest that he initiated over 130 projects across Nguni Ward during his double term reign.

He has reported the matter to the police and wants Kiruru investigated over hate speech and incitement, local reports indicated.

Hon. Nelson Kitema, who worked hand hand with former Kitui first Governor Malombe is an expert in devolution development.

His cohorts included the 7 locations in Nguni Ward namely Mbovo 32 – Projects at 34M, Nguni – 20 Projects at 17M, Maai 20 Projects at 15M, Imba 15 Projects at 73M, Ukasi 22 Projects at 18M, Mathyakani 11 Projects at 23M and Mwanzele 3 Projects at over 3M.