How Mwandiki Wa Ngongi Political ambition Is shaping up In Mwingi North



Prolific social media guru Mwandiki Wa Ngongi political star continues to shine brighter in Mwingi North elective political scene.

The scribe, whose hard hitting social media comments make or break politicians is shaping up his ambition for a career in politics.

His unwavering support for the Incumbent MP Eng. Hon. Nzengu Malili of Mwingi North and his hobnobs with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka also stands him a good chance in the next fear years.

“He is Kalonzo’s number one supporter in social media circles. Mwandiki is also an political ambitious fellow who will be in the ballot for mp seat come 2027” says another budding politician Kyenda Ndeto.

Mwandiki wa Ngongi has been feted and has been receiving banquets of praise and congratulations messgaes for being a good ambassador for youths while supporting education and standing up with needy cases all over Mwingi North constituency.

The Caption Photo shows Mwandiki wa Ngongi at his home in Tseikuru where he grows all kinds of foodcrops including Ndengu mawele and cowpeas.

The hardworking champion has a very strong stand in politics business and philanthropy.