Mwingi North 2022 aspirants panic as KYETHO popularity Shoots Up, resorts to propaganda



Seasoned politicians gunning to represent Mwingi North Constituency residents in Parliament come 2022 are already in a panic mode after the popularity of KYETHO, an emerging politician shot up in an upward trajectory.

Known as Justus Mutai Musyoka, the politician has made forays into elective politics with a big bang, winning hearts and minds of the electorate in droves – from Mumoni to Kyuso.

The hawkish yet nondescript politicians have now resorted to propaganda, political rhetoric and posturing.

Speaking to COUNTY DIARY, KYETHO has rebutted their strident rhetoric, firing a series of political salvos – as the stretch towards 2022 gathers steam.

Responding to the PROPAGANDA statement below on social media,

Mutai kyetho has silenltly withdrawn from MN MNA race, I am reliably informed.

KYETHO said;

I would wish to assure all my supporters that I will be offering myself for nomination on a WDP ticket for MNA when the time comes.

I am currently working hard to expand my support in Mumoni, Tharaka and Tseikuru wards where I have hitherto been least known in keeping with my strategy and my team is so far satisfied with the progress.

My first phase as per my team’s strategy was to consolidate support in Kyuso and Ngomeni wards, my key support bases, which has been successfully achieved.

However it is obviously notable that I have dissenganged considerably from social media activities for the last few days. This may give propagandists of my opponents fodder to mislead people that I have have withdrawn from the race. As I have said before, my candidature is a higher calling to offer our people a more responsive leadership. It is a calling I cannot run away from.

However as a staunch Catholic I have deliberately taken my self “To the desert” following the footsteps of Jesus to
Pray and Fast during this time of LENT, as advised by the leader of our church, Pope Francis.

Those who thrive on propaganda may therefore have a field day,
but at the Wiper nominations we will definitely meet.

KYETHO 2022.