Make the Work of Governor Ngilu Easier Unionist Tells Officers


Kitui County Government officials have been put on Notice Over the misuse of government vehicles on Weekends, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

According to the circular from the county secretary seen by the County diary, the officials have been urged to be patriotic enough and help the Governor Ngilu to deliver her manifesto.

Speaking to the reporters on Friday morning, the county government workers Union chairman Mr Kitheka said, the responsibility of the workers is to help the government of the day, but not to make the Governor collide with her voters, or fail.

As Union we will not sit and watch while the common mwananchi is suffering because of lazy officers, the Chairman told our reporters in kitui on Friday morning.

There are some certain county government officers and assembly wing who have made Governor’s Ngilu agendas not to be implemented as per her wishes. As I had assured earlier we will be requesting the performance of every county ministry from Monday.

We urge our Able Governor and Able Members of County Assembly to put their difference aside and give services to the common mwananchi.


Attention has been drawn to us that there is a supplementary budget discussion going on whereby all mcas have ganged up against Governor by giving her unnecessary condition even her party MCAs who pretend to be helping her.

We know what has happened for another previous supplementary budget whereby Mcas had put more conditions but end up approving without any alteration.

We know after strict government guidelines from National government on spending, some of our senior officers have allocated more money in vote end where our Governor cannot control and nobody is ready to tell her the truth on what is going.

An example is fuel allocation where vehicles are moving around without any outcome.


From today all movement of county vehicles is monitored and the only county vehicles allowed to be used on weekends are for Governor, Dg, vehicles for hospitals, speaker, vehicles for revenue collection only.

Other vehicles should be parked on Friday and resume on Monday with the clear route not loitering in the streets doing private business.

We urge the public to give us information concerning our county affairs, we are tired Governor is working alone, Kitheka said.

All hospitals should have medicine by next week workers pay Nhif dues on time and common mwananchi is really suffering.