KUSO PROFILES: Who is this Firebrand Trump Wa Ukambani – The Young Witty Versity Leader Seeking National KUSO Governorship?



You probably have all spotted him tagging along or hobnobbing with top Wiper honchos including Ukambani Kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka, Strongman Dr. Gideon Mulyungi and Kitui top philanthropist Hon. Allan Sila.

If not, then you must have been reading his witty, bare knuckle, cloak and dagger social-political posts on Social Media platfoms.

So who happens to be this towering young man whose tongue-in-the cheek, take-no-prisoners, hard hitting comments on the social media always gets tongues wagging?

A campaign poster featuring Trump Wa Ukambani Anthony Mutua/PHOTO/PATRICK KIMANZI & COURTESY

Now start fastening your seatbelts, for behold here comes the popular Versity students’ leader and young Kitui politician known as Trump Wa Ukambani.

Meet Hon. Antony Mutua.

Set to clinch the National Lower Eastern Gubernatorial post at the upcoming Kenya Universities Students Organization (KUSO) general elections, the suave, charismatic and popular budding politician has left nothing to chances.

So What is his Trump Card at KUSO?

What attracts politicians twice his age to him?

Why are media outlets concerned with the lanky, commanding young man with a military cadet swagger?

Before we delve into the political nitty gritty, let’s get a quick sneak preview on his background as collated by the authoritative COUNTY DIARY.

Born at kwa-Kimweli village, Uiini sub-location, Kasaala location, Ikutha District in the expansive Kitui County, Trump Wa Ukambani is the first born in a family of 5.

Here is his Trump Card, as narrated to us by Antony Mutua.

“Through out my growing life, I have encountered the ugly side of poverty and pain of inequalities in the societies.

Consequently, I have been shaped by the events towards the affinity to equity, equality and deeply attracted to good Governance and Leadership” says Trump.

Sanity, hygiene and real hard work in Kenyan politics must be our agenda – corrupt leaders deserve treason!

I attended local schools and am currently at East African university parsuing Business Administration (banking and finance option).

I am also a trained IT expert.

Already winning hearts and minds of his peers and comrades, Mutua could be headed to the helm of the giant KUSO not to mention that he has been gifted a top notch SUV to run his campaign jaggernaut.

It is your time to join his winning, sure bet bandwagon as it runs roughshod in Eastern Kenya.

And as his nondescript opponents fasten their shoe laces and burn with envy – Trump Wa Ukambani is making headway into national politics with pathos never witnessed in students politics in Kenya.