Kitui philanthropist to Grab Wiper Senatorial ticket as incumbent Sleeps on Job



The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over Lazy Dog. Iconic Allan Sila is the new blue-eyed boy in Wiper echelons

KITUI philanthropist Hon. Allan Sila is on his way to clinch the coveted Wiper Senatorial ticket for Kitui in 2022 — ostensibly turning the tables on the ‘sleeping’ incumbent.

Allan Sila, the East African petroleum magnate who is now the favourite blue-eyed boy in Wiper echelons — according to our sources — has been hobnobbing with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

The Wiper leader is said to be giving the ‘sleeping’ incumbent a wide berth, sources told COUNTY DIARY.

“It goes without saying. Kalonzo and Allan Sila are increasingly being spotted together – sponsoring students, attending Wiper functions and their chemistry is infections.

He is also increasingly close to Wiper Strongman Dr. Gideon Mulyungi who is said to posses deep pockets.These are sure signs of who will win the bride” political pundits say.

On Sartuday, Allan Sila joined Wiper the iconic Dr.Gideon Mulyungi and helped the lawmaker raise 1.7M for Ukasi Boys Administration Block.

Vide the Joysila Foundation, Allan has done more than his share of development from Tseikuru to Kwa Vonza, making him a real hero of development.

“Allan is winning hearts and minds of the electorate and he seems to be firing from all cylinders – his energy, wit and suave demeanour seems to pull other leaders close to him” said another political commentator speaking on a condition of anonymity.