Kitui Political Giants in Historic Charity Competition


In a rare gesture of charity for marginal communities, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, former Governor Julius Malombe and Kenya’s envoy to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo poured their generosity into a church in the far flung Voo/Kyamatu Ward.

The historic fundraiser attended by about 500 people for a small church saw an unprecedented figure raised and sending signals of the political duels that lay in wait in 2022.

The church fraternity had planned for a mega fundraiser to raise money for construction of an administration block for the church known for miracles, signs and wonder emanating from the remote area and drawing followers from beyond Kitui County.

In spite of their obvious absence, each of them dug in and ensured they send their donations. And as Kamba music maestro Ken Wa Maria once sang in a lyric, “wesa kwiwa mwa kaundu kekalanga kaiwetwai ni dalili sya maundu.”

“The 2022 political trends have begun to build quite clearly. Today, Ngilu, Malombe and Kiema have sent their donations without fail. We thank them for this action. But it is quite telling. This doesn’t happen easily and all the time. These are the front runners for Governor seat,” a faithful who attended the event told The County Diary in confidence.

The event presided by fiery Kitui East Mp Nimrod Mbai, Area MCA Nelson Musyoka, Endau/Malalani MCA Grace Sammy attracted donations from Senator Kiio Wambua, Women Rep Irene Kasalu, Kitui Assembly Speaker George Ndotto, Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau, Makueni Muungano Party MCAs, Kitui MCAs, professionals and the clergy.

The church leader Pastor Ezekiel Kilungya thanked the leaders, faithfuls and all those who contributed to the historic fundraiser. He said though the church was in a remote area, God would use it to touch people in the entire Kitui County and beyond.