A BRAINLESS ROBOT CANNOT SURRENDER. And those who find it very difficult to surrender are brainless robots. To surrender, great understanding is needed, great intelligence.

You will be surprised to know that the more stupid a person is, the less possibility of surrender.

Idiots can’t surrender, although those who can’t surrender think they are very intelligent and that’s why they are not surrendering. But have you ever heard of any idiot surrendering? Imbeciles cannot surrender, retarded people cannot surrender.

The highest intelligence is needed to surrender – to see the point that “I have been running in circles.If I go on depending on myself, I will go on running in the same circles again and again.”

The only possibility to get out of the wheel is to take somebody else’s hand, somebody who is outside the vicious circle. To take that support is what surrender is.

Down the ages it has been thought that the intelligent person can’t surrender, that it is the gullible who surrenders. That is not so. Modern research says something else: it is only the very very intelligent who can surrender. The gullible believes, but does not surrender. The intelligent surrenders, docs not believe. And the difference is great.

You can believe without surrendering; then the belief is just a lip-service. You say yes on the surface, and deep down you go on doing whatsoever you are doing.

To be surrendered means you have said yes from the circumference to the very core. You have become a yes from the center to the circumference. There is only one quality of consciousness:
yes. And immediately, in this yes, you come out of the ego – because ego exists on no, ego feeds on no. The more you say no, the more ego is strengthened. No is the food for the ego: yes is the food for egolessness.

It is a simple phenomenon! But only very very intelligent people can understand it.