Build Bridges Amongst Yourself first, Bishop Tells Leaders, dismiss BBI


Key points

  • leaders Must be honest with themselves.
  • Build bridges Amongst yourself, leaders told.
  • Kenyan is More United than ever.
  • Governors who have served for two terms Must Go home.
  • Stop Using BBI to divide Kenyan.
  • Church leaders issue a red alert over BBI.

Mombasa celebrated Bishop Dr Wilfred Lai has called for the leaders to stop Misleading Kenyan through Building Bridges Initiative. (BBI)

The man of God said Kenyans have never been disunited, it’s only after the election when they are incited by their leaders.

Bishop Dr. Wilfred Lai is the senior pastor of Jesus Celebration Center, a Christian ministry whose headquarters is located in Mombasa, Kenya.

Quoting the neighbouring country Tanzanian, the Bishop said Tanzania doesn’t need BBI, they respect their Values, it’s Kenyan leaders who make people fight over leaders.

Bishop Lai said he has read the report and the BBI is good, but leaders who popularizing the document are pursuing different agenda through the document, he said leaders say what they don’t mean and mean what they are not doing.

He said those Governors who have served their two terms Must willingly go home and find something to do other than dividing the country for selfish gains.

Leaders Must tell Kenyan why they use people to fight for their selfish gains, Bishop said.