Senate Majority Leader Murkomen Pours Salt into Raila’s BBI Meal, Steals the Show & Thins Out!


The Reptilian shape shifter is not done yet!

After five hours in the bathroom, two hours of ecdysis, the slithering reptile took a flight to Kinoru Stadium, quite aware of the red alerts issued by muscline businessman Kobia and stumped by Senator Linturi.

He was received like an African king, as it was planned by his loyal slaves!

Later, the TangaTanga tanga “boys” led by fearless Onesmus Murkomen landed at Kinoru and got a Messianic reception by the overwhelmed crowd!!

And as the frenzied crowd chanted,Ruto!! Ruto!! consequently the consultative meeting was forced the take a break!!

Unfortunately the redemption Song heroes found the seats were all occupied by Raila’s Captives and lickers and blind proponents. Cognizant of the warning issued by Meru Governor HE Kiraitu,the boys remain bound at the farthest end of Dias!!

Will the Reggae Stop?

Reggae was about to stop, hon
Kanina Kega as the chair of Mt Kenya PG was given opportunity to recogonise the Members of parliament present!

He sarcastically identified controversial Hon Moses Kuria overlooking his capacity to inherit Mt Kenya Kingpins mantle after the retirement of President Kenyatta in 2022.

Clever Kanini Kega ushered in Senator hon Linturi to recogonise and invite the speeches of senators little did he know the game was about to begin.

He gave chances to Orengo allies. the Walking Constitution and later the brave Onesmus Murkomen as Minority and Majority leaders in Upper House respectively. a courageous daring man started to Milk a lioness while sitting on a porcupine, very daring bull.

Senator Orengo squandered his chance by walloping the Rt hon Raila Odinga!!
Epoch for the stop of reggae!
The brave,sharp,smart,astute and eloquent Kipchuba Murkomen took the Microphone, He lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for his examplary leadership,urguing for total respect to the presidency!!(Uruhu and Ruto).He pointed out hypocrisy in BBI saying greedy politicians have corrupted the intended goal of BBI.

He watered down the narrative revolving around BBI nonsense that it will uplift the ordinary Citizen’s welfare.”I want to disagree with the narrative that BBI will better the livelihood of Kenyans.

It is a mere lie we must be real.!!we are given money to work for netizens.The narrative that we are waiting for BBI nonsense to pass is void! We must work for our people!!!”


Agriculture CS Munya is appointed to work with farmer!!” Murkomen lamented.
The reggae stopped! To proof BBI crusades is a waste of time “boys” left Kinoru. The crowd escorted tanga tanga boys.Thunderous chants RUTO!! RUTO!! RUTO!! dominated the Studium.


Senator Onesmus Murkomen gave the ODM leader afternoon assignment to retaliate.