Speaker pours Accolades to Mp Nyamai as ‘Hard working Lands chairperson’


Dr. Rachel Kaki Nyamai agenda-driven leadership at the helm of the lands committee in the 12th Parliament has been lauded by none other than the Speaker of the of the august House – JB Muturi.

The speaker recognized the hardworking Kitui South Member of Paliament Dr Rachael Kaki Nyamai, who heads the behemoth lands committee as ‘ a highly productive individual”.

During the live camera parliamentary proceedings the speaker described Hon Kaki Nyamai as an example of a true leader.

Showering accolades to the second time MP, Mutiri said;

” Dr Kaki is extremely very productive and efficient as the chairperson of the parliamentary lands committee”, he said.

The committee on lands is among the most effective parliamentary committees, the speaker added.