Challenges Facing The Youth In Mwingi – By CPA Joseph M. Wambua




Lack of employment opportunities – It has been described as a ticking bomb, with frustrated young men and women susceptible to drugs, prostitution or even being lured into terrorism.

Access to gainful employment and income opportunities for young people in Kenya is hindered by corruption, the lack of capital, information, and relevant skills.

Substance Abuse – This is a major problem that most youth face across the world today. In most cases, peer pressure introduces teenagers to this dangerous habit. Teenagers resort to substance use to ease their stress, feel secure and assured from within.

Others include;Corruption
High Cost of Living/Inflation
Poverty/Rich‐Poor Gap
Poor Infrastructure
Terrorism and Crime
Family problems
Poor Leadership
Lack of affordable housing
Negative stereotyping

Possible Solutions

With our youth facing their normal fair share of life challenges related to their age, a proper response to youth challenges needs the involvement of young people themselves in decision-making and political leadership.

Youth need to speak up and speak out, and organize themselves and they need to lend their voice to the causes whether that’s on social media or by joining organizations and associations and making sure their collective voice is heard by all.

The Government, like all of us, must listen.

Better engagement for youth and enabling them to be part of tackling these challenges is the solution — whether in health, economy and SMEs or issues related to peace-building or even national cohesion.One can actually say that there’s no peace without the youth. We need to work with them and believe their abilities to help in shaping their own future.

County and national governments have failed to agree on where youth function lies.

Creating synergy between national and county government should therefore be a priority.

Devolution should reinforce participation among marginalized groups.

Our politicians must distinguish between problems that are urgent and those that are important, and the importance of this one will not diminish, tragically, for years to come.