Is Embattled Kitui Senator On His Way Down and Out?



Beleaguered Kitui Senator must have caught his well-oiled sticky fingers too deep inside the County cookies jar this time round – and bitten more than he could chew.

Authoritative media reports this week placed the man right in the eye of yet another raging corruption storm, one in the series of many that have been dogging the former scribe since his maiden debut at the helm – as the second Senator of Kitui.

The series of many unfortunate events, that pundits describe as including illegal sand harvesting scandals, fake goat auctions and extortions, fake school harambees and a savoury interest in cartel business innuedos – paint a justapoxing picture — a far cry from the man Kitui electorate voted for back in 2018.

Pray then, could the latest bruising sand harvesting scandal unearthed by Kitui Government officers, led by iron lady Kaluki Ngilu be the Senator’s Achilles’s heel in 2022?

Meanwhile, shooting from the hip, the youthful Kitui philanthropist Hon. Allan Sila has termed embattled Kitui Senator 3-year old tenure at the helm as “a massive and selfishly driven, calculated failure of gigantic proportions”

Adding that the incumbent has terribly failed in his oversight mandate to oversee Kitui County development agenda on behalf of the electorate, Sila insuniated that the “the regime of the incumbent is riddled with escalated corruption and laden with under-hand deals that seem to go on and on”.

And it seems that the Senator’s goose is well cooked after all – if Sila, the petroleum-magnate-turned politician statements are anything to go by.

Terming the current infamous tenure of the incumbent as an absurd show of missed opportunities, he added;

“Everyone can see through his strident, never ending games and smokescreens.

Look! Instead of gatekeeping and oversight against the excess of the Executive, the man is himself plundering the resources he was supposed to keep watch over in the first instance!

And who can forget the fake annual goat auctions? You can not begin to touch the end or the tail of who, where, what or how of the fleece job works” he said.

Allan Sila, the fast rising Wiper-leaning firebrand politician, considered a favourite by most Wiper honchos for unpredictable 2022 Senatorial sufferage, the businessman has done more than his share of development across Kitui.

“We can not even begin to tally Hon. projects — from donating hundreds of breeding goats to poor families, facilitating PLWDs with free wheelchairs and his sustained and escalated donations to children homes in Kenya.

Allan Sila bursaries from the Joysila Foundation apparatus not withstanding” said a close aide when quizzed by the COUNTY DIARY Editor today afternoon as we went to Press.