Mt Kenya Leaders Want BBI Rallies halted


Mt Kenya leaders led by former Kiambu Governor Hon William Kabogo have warned politicians to stop sowing seeds of discord among Kenyans.

The essence of the Building Bridges Initiative was to unite the country but not to divide them.

“President Kenyatta meant well when he came up with Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), his creation baby is quickly becoming a monster. This thing will keep dividing Kenyans more than ever. It must be stopped” Kabogo said.

“if I was the president I would use my power to shelve it meaning there will be no BBI rallies, this BBI has shifted focus from pertinent issues that are affecting Kenyans to who will be what in 2022, we can create a thousand posts but without good leaders, it doesn’t matter how many BBI’s we come up with, we will always flop as a country,” he added.

When shall leaders address the issues that affect the common mwanchi? Kabogo added, “his views were supported by thousands of Kenyan on his official social media sites.

With some saying, “in my view is that we should stop wasting public resources by these rallies instead we should pass the referendum and create positions for these gluttonous leaders to benefit.

The reason I say so is that once we pass it for them I know without any doubt that the rest of the proposals which are beneficial to common Kenyan like land injustices, tea, coffee, milk, rice, etc will not be implemented but will be buried like TJRC report, Ndungu report etc.

“But note my words the one touching on positions will be implemented with immediate effect. Common Kenyans are vehicles of change to be used to make our greedy leaders reach their Canaan.