Responsibility means response-ability, the ability or capacity to respond appropriately and adequately to the situation at hand. It has nothing to do with the egoistic meaning of the word which the ego twists to mean obligation or to behave in certain socially approved ways in given situations.

Just listen to the average person. They are always yapping to you; “be responsible”! What they mean is “behave as I want or expect you to”!

The ego always twists and distorts divine principles to suit its own ends, which is basically self preservation. You dont know how many lives have been ruined by that word “responsibility”. So many cases of mental breakdowns and suicides and unhappy relationships are brewed in the misuse and distortion of that word.

I once got to a town late while travelling home and couldnt catch a bus to my home town. I had no enough cash for a hotel room. I have a sister in law in that town. I called her and explained my predicament and asked if she could accomodate me for the night. She told me she cant, because she feared how her sister, my wife, would take it if she learnt I spent at her place.

That was irresponsible of her, due to fear. Watch how often you act irresponsibly in many situations coz of fear.