Kitui West NG-CDF on The Spotlight for the Wrong Reason


By Muli Muthui.

Kitui West Constituency Development Fund committee is on the spotlight for the wrong reasons, the board has advertised one position, unlike other constituencies which have advertised for the full board members.

The residents of Kitui west have vowed to demonstrate against the long-serving board committee chairman who is said to have overstayed in the office for decades leading to underperformance and awarding of the tenders to their cronies sidelining the youth and women.

In other constituencies, the National Government Constituency Development fund have advertised for the full board members, “but in Kitui west board committe has advertised for position for : one youth male representative ref/kw/NG-CDF/001.

The constituents are agitating for the Readvertisement of the whole constituency board Members, after the expiry of the existing committee tenure “Kitui west Mp hon Vethi Nyenze has been asked by residents to disband the whole board committe to pave way for the reconstitution of the constituency Development board.

Compare and contrast bellow .

Mwingi North National Government Constituency board have advertised for the whole board Members.
Kitui West National Constituency development fund have advertised for the only one Position