Before awakening, we are many in one, we actually have multiple personalities or masks, each for every possible situation or person we may encounter. This is a very unconcious state.
We like defending it to people that, “I Am like that” or “thats who I Am”, but thats never the truth.

We are in full autohypnosis in that state, and we cant see even our glaring inconsistencies. Others can see them but because they are also autohypnotised, they cant help us in anyway! So we all settle for a compromise so as not to keep upsetting each other with the “truth”!

However, this way of living goes against the ultimate goal of life, the evolution from “many in one to one in many.” Hence, we spend alot of life energy sustaining a false way of living. However “good” we convince ourselves we are in the eyes of others, we are keenly aware of our “fakeness”, especially in our private moments. We live like fugitives, always afraid of being found out! Thats why we seek the company of other fugitives.

Meditation is the means of integrating our many faces into ONE. After the ONE is firmly established, we are now ready for the ONE to be expressed in MANY ways. We become fluid without losing our sense of identity. We are true to everyone and we do justice to every situation because we have realised the changeless ONE in ourselves.

We no longer fear being found out. As a matter of fact, we become a threat to those who are many in one!

Think about it