On the Spiritual Path of Self Realisation, we all need a living embodiment, someone who will reflect back to us the Truth of what we are seeking. It has never been otherwise!

In every human endeavor, intellectual, physical or otherwise, we need a living example to show us the way.

Just as when we become sexually mature,we unconciously seek a mate, the same dynamics operate on the Spiritual endeavour. We need a contrast to know ourselves. We need a mirror to reflect us.

On the physical level, it is rather easy, though it is always unconcious. If you are a man, you will obviously seek out a woman to reflect your love. In reality, you are seeking the “woman” in you. Same with a woman.

On the Spiritual level, it becomes tricky to find your “woman” or “man” because she/he is not visible using the physical eyes. Here again, we are very careful not to be cheated, since we have everything to lose if we make a wrong choice.

However, when the time comes, when the soul is ripe enough to make that final breakthrough, it drives itself to the right teacher somehow. Ripeness and earnestness is the key here! With that, no one goes wrong.

Despite the confusion in the world brought about by numerous religions and their often conflicting teachings, true spiritual masters exist. We often cant see them because we have preconditioned ideas of how a spiritual teacher should be! That is the greatest barrier.

In a way, the whole of life is our Guru. For the sensitive type, they can learn even from a dog or a child. The hard hearted will have to endure lots of pounding.

So take heart, dear seeker! All is not lost. If you are earnest enough, soon you will meet your teacher. In fact, as soon as the soul starts stirring, it is the evidence that your teacher is seeking you out.

Keep digging, the life giving springs are not far off.