Why Dp Ruto is Darling to Kenyans Despite Negative Media Publicity

Deputy President Dr William Ruto, Photo by Courtesy

The Deputy President Dr William Ruto is by nature a very honest and generous man another quality well known by virtually every Kenyan who understands his politics , his foot is traced all parts of Kenya alongside his personal contributions as a christian and a honest giver !

The Dp RUTO doesn’t forget or leave behind those who helped him climb the ladder another unique etiquette hard to find in many politicians !

He may not bare names like “sonko” denoting man with money but popularity has never laxed behind his political journey despite attempts of tainting his name by media Owners in kenya!

He is a political magnet who has endeared himself to all institutions from hustlers tag , parliament to churches and from courts to capturing the heart of the army !

If the union between Mutua and Kalonzo is not in favour of the hustlers alliance then they need a quick second thought!