Sikizana Trust youth talents in schools a Blessing for rural Children


By PATRICK KIMANZIWhen a budding footballer John Kilunda and his friends from Mang’elete Primary School won the Sikizana Trust football tourney last month — their dreams towards nurturing their soccer talents through Sikizana Trust quickly become a reality.Sikizana Trust Community Development, based at Mtito Andei in Makueni County has been nurturing youth talents in primary schools as it continues to ratchet up it’s 10 year old youth program cohort, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.The organisation’s talent and capacity building youth program has ropped in over 54 schools in Makueni County, benefitting more than 20,000 youths since inception in 2002.This year, Sikizana more schools including Mwitasyano, Yumbuni and Mang’elete primary schools joined it’s popular and successful training calendar.Recently Sikizana Trust hogged headlines when it attracted international attention; a French coaching clinic expert spent a week nurturing and training youths on talents development.On the 12th Dec 2019, the organization held a highly successful tournament were Mang’elete Primary carried the day in a massive showcasing of youth talents.These coaching clinics are meant not only to cultivate youth talents early in their tender age but to set them up for emerging leadership opportunities out there” said Sikizana Trust Director Cosmas Nzilili speaking to The COUNTY DIARY.This year Sikizana Trust targets to capacity build over 400 youths in more than 20 villages and 23 schools in Makueni.The sports program, among the organization’s many other development cohorts under 10 years, not only disburses balls and uniform kits to schools but links the teams to like minded partners locally and internationally.Sikizana Trust was established to provide highly needed rescue for abandoned children, victims of abuse, neglect, early marriages, child labour, among other forms of child abuseIt’s Vision is; amAn Illuminated Community, A child A time.Civic education and health awareness are among it’s other programmes included in it’s 10 year Strategic Plan.The organization also runs a Rescue Centre that provides temporary shelter and back to school programme, litigation and medication where needed, says a statement on it’s website.Sikizana Trust was founded in 2005 as a community based organization to rescue orphans and abandoned children in Kenya and promote rights and education of the rural poor children.