Understanding Marriage in relationship


OpA marriage is all about an interpersonal relationship, not about owning things together or bringing up children together. Those are the outcomes or results of a marriage, not its causes.

Once the mutual desire to relate at a personal level with your spouse is no longer there, the desire to think about and care about the highest good for your spouse, the union is broken automatically. It doesnt matter how much you own together or how many kids you coparent together.

In the spiritual sense, marriage is the union of both the masculine and feminine dimensions of our being. If there is no that inner union, there cant be that outer union we crave for in our relationships.

If you are One inside, you will be successful to a large degree on the “Oneness” on the outside. Everytime you are estranged from yourself, you automatically must get estranged from others.

If you are not married to yourself inside, the outer marriage will be a sham at best or a disaster at worst.