By Guest Contributor

A person born blind doesn’t know he is blind unless his sight is restored! We become aware of our state via contrast! Thats how the mind learns and knows the world, via discrimination, via opposites.

Have you seen how people defend even their glaring mistakes or crimes? Or how people rationalise and justify their obviously unloving acts? It is spiritual blindness. Unawareness. Unconciousness.

People, in unawareness, justify their every action, their very way of life, whatever others see or say doesnt make any difference. We often become aware of what we did or said or thought long after the deed.

Now you understand why those who crucified Jesus are now worshipping him. Those who hate you today will talk highly of you tomorrow. Its very unconcious state of humanity.

Jesus understood the problem, thats why he prayed, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”! All sin is as a result of unawareness.

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