In recent years, the demolition of structures built on government or public land has become a common occurence in Kenya. I have seen awesome, expensive and profitable buildings which have existed for years get brought down by earthmovers in days!

At one time I used to think, “What a waste! Cant the government negotiate with the owners and find an alternative route for the road”? However, my personal sentiments were just inconsequential wishes!

Yet, what do we do with our lives? We erect superstructures on false foundations and on “land” which is not ours knowing very well that sooner or later, it shall be demolished, but we keep on fooling ourselves.

The longer the structure has been there, the stronger the illusion gets that it is permanent, but at the same time, the louder the “still small voice” gets, which reminds us that it is all an illusion, it is all vanity!

Why do people keep on talking about “my” investments, “my” goals, “my” resolutions, “my” properties, “my” political ambitions etc? It is a way of strengthening the illusion, trying to evade the still small voice! Thats why we gravitate towards those who strengthen our illusions. That is the only basis of our relationships.

If I dont seem to help in strengthening your “dream”, I become your enemy automatically. Just look at your life and the lives of those close to you and see the truth of what I Am saying and save yourself endless suffering.

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