Respect Wiper Leaders Or Go To Hell – Dr Mulyungi To Kibwana



The no-nonsense Wiper MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi recently fired salvos at Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana over his disrespect for Wiper Party leader and H.E Kalonzo Musyoka.

The popular MP comments have been coming fast and furious, and are expected to elicit far reaching ramifications for the erstwhile Muungano and Wiper party – a marriage of strange bedfellows beset by political betrayals and innuedos and posturing.

“We don’t give a damn about Kibwana. He can go to hell or go hang. He has bitten the hand that fed him and yet, look! the fellow has nothing to bring to the Wiper table”

Dr. Mulyungi, the firebrand development concious legislator made the bare knuckle, take-no- prisoners barrage of comments three months ago during a school fundraiser in Nguni Mwingi.

Here is a video grab of the video that went viral on YouTube.