PLWD In Kericho Urged to Aquire Life Changing Skills



By Chepkeiy Arap Kenyogoro

Leave no one behind

Persons living with disabilities have been urged to embrace join various institutions to aquire knowledge to avoid day to day begging.

Speaking to the press at his office Mwangi Muheria ,Director of Kericho Vocational Rehabilitation center centre said there is power in knowledge and every person is entitled to aquire regardless of the physiological factor.

” Educating the less fortunate in the society expecially people living with disabilities is a great opportunity that everyone should embrace it”, the director added.

He said the government has build several schools across the nation which offers several courses for PLWDs and there is need to ensure that we support them at their any needs.

He further said there are some parents who keep their children who have disabilities in their bodies at home instead of taking them to the special schools across where he called upon all caretakers to ensure they provide education for them.

“Vocational training and Rehabilitation center offers several courses that is entitled to PWLDs and before any student is admitted to the school physical assessment is done to this will help in ensuring which course is much suited for one to persue and this is done freely ,” Mwangi lamented.

The Kericho Rehabilitation and Vocational training center was started in the early 1960’s as the home Craft and since then it has pave way in naturing and equiping persons with disabilities with knowledge .

“The national government through the ministry of labour and social protection has refumbed the training institutions with funds and I urged all parents , guardians and well wishers to support in taking such persons to special schools,” Mwangi added.

According to our report findings thousands of students who persue several courses leading to Tailoring and Knitting and dress making , hair dressing, leather works carpentry among others.

Mwangi Muheria ,KERICHO rehabilitation center manager with County disability officer Mrs.Hellen Tuei donates sewing machine to Chumba