We are sending you to the “County Assembly” James Kalelo told.



“We are sending you to the County Assembly, we have no other option apart from you” James Kalelo told.

He is the talk of the day across the villages of Chuluni Ward in Kitui East Constituency due to his efforts to advocate for development in the ward. The middle aged development wise man is said to have made a record for helping more than 500 youths in the ward in diffrent fields among them helping needy students attain their Secondary school education.

James Kalelo who comes from a humble family is said to be always on the ground to attend social functions such as burials, churches and school harambees either in person or by sending his friends a move that has made him very popular and admirable by the electorates.

Over the years residents and opinion leaders of Chuluni Ward have pleaded with Mr Kalelo to vie for Chuluni Ward Member of County Assembly seat terming him as the only person who can bring them development projects sighting his past development contributions across the Kitui East Constituency.

Last month a group of opinion leaders across the ward visited Kalelo in his Nairobi office to plead with him to save them from poverty and underdevelopment by contesting the MCA seat where they assured him of full support come 2022.

Our newsdesk has established that Kalelo has heard the people’s cry and has already accepted to vie for the seat a move that has made the current incompetent MCA lose interest in the seat.

It is not a secret anymore that all the supporters that supported the current political setting have moved to Kalelo’s camp and promised to make him the next Member of county Assembly.