Raila Or Miguna:Kenyans in a TV interview dilemma tonight


The Former prime minister Raila Odinga and self-proclaimed general Miguna Miguna are both going to be having live interviews tonight on Major Television interview tonight.

Putting up with to Twitter, this coincidence left Kenyans with a dilemma with many yet to decide whom they shall watch tonight between Raila and his former advisor Miguna.

A section of Kenyans felt the exiled lawyer realness while addressing issues affecting Kenyans is not worth missing for Raila while the ODM’s leader diehard fans said they cannot fail to listen to ‘babas’ wisdom in his interview.

Raila is set to appear in an interview the same time as Miguna’s show. Photo: Raila Odinga.

Others suggested that NTV and K24 should meet and agree on which station will postpone its show since missing either will be like missing heaven.