Mulyungi urges Govt to Take urgent action over Locusts invasion in Mwingi



Wiper MP urges state to move fast and contain millions of desert locusts ravaging parts of Mwingi

Wiper MP Gideon Mulyungi today urged the Government to take urgent action to contain locusts currently ravaging parts of Mwingi in Kitui.

The MP spoke as the invasion – characterised by sporadic, thick swarms of the voracious insects made landfalls across Mwingi on Wednesday.

Sightings we’re reported in Nguni, Waita, Muunguu and parts of Kamuwongo – before The COUNTY DIARY went to the Press early Thursday.

MP Mulyungi has also called on the residents in Mwingi to report any sporadic sightings of the invading desert locusts that pose wanting destruction to thousands of acres of land under cultivation.

“Loses could run into millions as farmers commence harvesting. I urge the Government to move with appropriate speed and contain the said insects” said Dr. Gideon Mulyungi.

PENSIVE: Hon. Gideon Mulyungi in deep thought during a past function in Nguni last month. The leader has called on the State apparatus to move with speed to avert the looming disaster. As we went to Press, swarms of millions of desert locusts had made landfalls in Nguni, Waita and Kasten, and decimated acres of vegetation, The COUNTY DIARY Correspondents said/PHOTO/PATRICK KIMANZI/SPOKESMAN/COUNTY DIARY

The MP was speaking tonight after his grassroots co-ordinators reported that the vile, vocaricious insects had made a landfall near Maai in Nguni Ward on Wednesday evening.

“The whirring swarm of locusts came from the direction of Kasten and perched – in their fearsome millions near Kamumba Primary school, blanketing an area the size of a football field” said Anna Musyoki an MP grassroots co-ordinator at Mai in Nguni.

But even as the popular MP urged his residents to remain calm under pressure, Kenyan authorities appeared clueless on what ways and means to employ in order to combat the wanton destruction wrought by millions of desert locusts.

Desert locusts, already running roughshod in 5 Counties across Kenya appears to be overwhelming the State machinery– as the historical invasion entered it’s third week in a row.

The vile desert locusts in their millions, flying at 7Km per hour were first sighted at Kavou in Kaningo and within no time they had moved to Kasaini, Mathunyani and Masyungwa, Wiper MCA Boniface Kilaa said speaking to this The COUNTY DIARY Editor from Japan via Skype video link.