Evicting Elephants From Kanziko Farms In KS Must Be a Joint Effort



Elephants have invaded areas of Ngali, Lingithya and Kituvwi in Kitui south, Kanziko Ward since may last year.

The affected communities has been crying to the office of KWS and the local leaders helplessly and in vain.

The efforts of KWS to evict the elephants has turned to a pipe dream as herds of elephants run roughshod in Kitui South destroying large swathes of farms in the area.

Last season during March and May rains the affected communities didn’t harvest anything from their shambas.

Water points in the area were also vandalized by the marauding jumbos, leaving area residents without any source of water for domestic and livestock use.

This season, the community has suffered the same fate with no respite in sight.

By the end of February this year, the affected community will be forced to start buying food from the shops.

I urge all leaders from Kitui South to have a joint efforts to ensure the community is rescued from the menace.

Proper compensation plan should be put in place to ensure the affected families is compensated.

Lets understand those people are Kenyans just like the other who live in urban areas.

They do vote just like other Kenyans and subscribe to universal Human Rights like any other Kenyans.

Counting Loses From Jumbos



Below YouTube Video shows as a Kanziko Ward victim of elephants invasions narrates how marauding herds of elephant meted a wanton destruction on her farm.

She says that the jumbos destroy her crops year in year out despite reporting to the Kenya Wildlife Society. She is feverishly appealing to Kenyan authorities to contain the destructive herds of elephants from their farms.



Community Activist


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