Radio Head With Itchy Fingers Branded A Witch With Untamed libido


Local head of Radio busted looting in Fundraising events, accused of practising witchcrafts

Tough economic times, coupled with the adversity that comes in January has not spared our so-called celebs in private cooperate world.

A local MC working at a local radio station was busted by his colleagues stuffing his pockets with wads of cash during a fundraising event that took place last month in Kitui.

The randy man, who salivates incessantly at the presence of slay queens, and who stands nine feet tall like Sudanese bull has also been accused of taking bribes to host politicians at the station Talkshows.

And it does not end there.

The grapevine has it that the hulking brown guy is also a male chauvinist – it is romoured that he also forces interns seeking work experience at the radio station to literally play his ball — so to secure an internships at the stable.

The randy boy, our moles enthused that he is also a frequent customer to almost all guests house in Kitui town.

The friendly, yet unscrupulous lad uses his influence at the station to moleste staffs, intimidate them and punish them or have them sacked at his behest.

” He rides over everyone like a collosus, he has an ego like a bulldog” said our source who requested anonymity.

The villain bull also, we learnt, uses his position at the station to drill local married women and local business ladies especially those working at late chemists in Kitui.

According to our investigative moles, several women have separated from their spouses due to his untamed libido.

Ikota mwithe who lost his girlfriend to the fellow has threatened to storm the station and beat him like burukenge, for screwing his intern girlfriend last month.

Keep glued for more, you have never seen anything yet