Wiper Mandarin Pockets Journalists Xmas cash, as Scribes are left Cursing the Event


A journalist who recently attended the politicians meeting in eastern Kenya on the eve of Christmas is a disgruntled lot after wiper Mandarin pocketed their Christmas bounty.

The scribes had hoped to eat Christmas with a big spoon when it was announced that everybody who attended the meeting, including, members of Parliaments, Senators, Mcas, clergy, should receive charismas gifts, courtesy of New party sponsor and fixer.

Mr man bag summoned a representative of every group and doled up crips of new wads of new cash as leaders salivate for Christmas gifts. MPs and Senators received 100k each, while members of MCA and clergy each received 50k, But poor Journalists were whitewashed by their representative who only gave them 20k to be shared among 15 scribes at the event.

The poor men of the pen went home cursing the party representatives after being shortchanged.